Dec 13

Project START in Newsweek article

  An innovative approach to regeneration of tendons and ligaments using nano-fiber scaffolds in the START project is described in the Newsweek article with a breakthrough infantile prosthesis: “Religa Heart Ped”, developed at the Foundation for Cardiac Surgery Development, prof. Zbigniew Religa. The Journal explains the approach of the START project for tissue regeneration, citing …

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Nov 04

Chiara Rinoldi presented results of Project Start

Chiara Rinoldi, a member Project Start team, presented some of here early results at two conferences: Euromat: European Congress and Exhibition on Advanced Materials and Processes (Warsaw, Poland. September 20-24, 2015) with the poster presentation: “Producing PCL/PA6 three dimensional nanofibrous scaffolds for tendons and ligaments regeneration” and Materials Weekend (Warsaw, Poland. September 19-20, 2015) with the poster …

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Jun 03

Materials from the “Boundaries of Regenerative Medicine” symposium

Symposium “Boundaries of Regenerative Medicine” is just behind us. Special guest of this meeting was Prof. Stephen Badylak, creator of the revolutionary method of muscle regeneration using extracellular matrix.

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May 05

Invitation for symposium “Boundaries of Regenerative Medicine”

We would like to kindly invite you for the symposium “Boundaries of Regenerative Medicine” (2nd of June 2015 r. Warsaw) with a great guest, world-renowned expert in the field of regenerative medicine Prof. Stephen Badylak from USA. It’s an incredible opportunity to meet the creator of the revolutionary method of muscle regeneration using extracellular matrix …

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Apr 24


Project under a title: “Novel Scaffold-based Tissue Engineering Approaches to Healing and Regeneration of Tendons and Ligaments” just started. The study will last 36 months.  

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